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By n3rdyg1rl12

“I was Pagan before I Knew It”

Many people, when you ask them about being Pagan (or Wiccan for those who are going to be technical) will say “I had been Pagan my whole life, I just never knew it”.

Now, many people who hear this are like “what? How can you be something and not know that you are?”

It’s simple. Many people who make this statement have somehow always felt a connection to nature or always believed that there was something else out there besides just one God. And when they start reading about Paganism, it is suddenly open to them that this is what they have believed their entire lives.

I hate to be cheesy, but this honestly was the case with me.

I grew up in a small town where Christianity is the main set religion. Everyone is a Christian. When I was younger, we used to go to church every once in a while until the church closed down. After that, we didn’t do much. I would sit outside and listen to my great-grandfather talk about the Bible, but there were a lot of loopholes in it that I wanted to figure out the answer to. Like, why would someone who says they love everything they created want to destroy it? And why should we live in fear of God all the time? Trust me, I went through a point in my life where I feared to do anything thinking he would kill me right then and there.

Then around Freshmen year in high school, I realized that I wasn’t feeling connected to God in any way. So I sat down to read the Bible. That didn’t go so well because I could not find any answers I wanted in it.

So I went from Freshmen year to summer after my Junior year just getting by. I didn’t have a specific religion that I followed, so I just told people “I believe in god” that’s it.

Summer of my Junior year, I met my boyfriend. The first thing he said to me was “you may not like me, I’m Pagan”. Now, coming from a Christian home, my initial response was “like Devil worshiping?” because that is all I had been taught. And he didn’t get mad about it, but goes “no, we worship a god and goddess and the reason we use spells is to incorporate nature into our lives” and I immediately understood everything he said.

And that is how I found Paganism. Someone can tell me something about it, and I will immediately understand what they are telling me and I know what I should do. Many of the things I am learning I somehow already knew.

And that is my story into it. Many people have different stories. Like picking up a book, seeing it in a freak Google search, their parents once was into it, there’s a ton.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Blessed Be all 🙂

By n3rdyg1rl12

Many Different Problems

Many problems facing witches are not only from the misconception of it from other people, but also from witches themselves.

Many people, especially rebellious teenagers, will come into Paganism, more commonly Wicca, and think that they must dress in black and they must make it very known that they can do all this different cool stuff. Many people actually look very lowly on being called “Wiccan” just because it has become the “religion” of rebellious teenagers.

Many teenagers who choose to begin practicing Wicca typically get into it because they here about it and choose that it is a way to “affirm” their independence. By teenagers, I don’t mean 17 year old’s. I mean the 13 year old girls that run around and feel the need to tell everyone that they are a witch and can read palms, fly on a broom stick, or whatever they come up with in their head.

This does not mean for you to run to any 13 year old witch you know and say that they are just rebelling. Just give them the time to see if they stick with it. Many people who are not going to stick with it will give it up after a few months and it will become very obvious. I’m just letting you know that anybody who is Pagan, or a witch, will constantly be learning. They will never know everything.

Many of these people that choose they need to tell everyone what they are cause the problems that many witches face. I saw on Yahoo! Answers a couple days ago a woman had posted “I am a Witch, I can answer your questions and give you spells for anything”. I knew right away that this is a person that also is a cause for the misconceptions about witches. She posted this and I had to tell her that she is one reason people understand wrongly. Saying that she knows a spell for everything is not good because too many people think bad when you say that you know a spell.

Before you tell people you can do all this cool stuff, you need to make it known that you are not turning people into toads or cooking up some weird concoction that involves eye of a toad and the leg of a cat. That’s just wrong to do.

I hope that Pagans and Wiccans out there wills start helping to change the views faced upon us, whether it be Internet or face-to-face. Remember, it can still be dangerous to us because many people may believe in harming witches.

I did not write this to put people down, but Wicca and Witchcraft and Paganism is not something you choose to do just because you want to rebel or because you want to try something new. It is a religion. If you want to try it, then read about it and do a little, don’t pretend you know about everything there is and try to show up the Elders. You won’t be too happy with their response. Practicing takes more practice than you will believe it takes unless you are actually practicing it.

I’ll be back with more later. Blessed Be

So you wanna know what a witch is?

So when someone walks up to you and says “I’m a witch” what’s your initial reaction? Turn and run? Throw up a cross sign? Yell prayers?

All of these are great, but it isn’t going to do any good. Why? Because witches are not evil.

We still worship a god, and most also have a goddess.

Many Pagans also try to follow a female empowerment type rule. Many believe that women are sacred and should be equal to a man.

Listed below are some typical questions witches will get:

Can I turn someone into a toad? 

—-HaHa this is my favorite question. NO! Though it would be pretty cool if you could. Basically, doing a spell is like saying a prayer. The only difference is that we offer the elements to the god and goddess.

What are the elements? 

—-Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

What is the Pentagram? 

—-The Pentagram, and Pentacle, are basically symbols like peace. They represent who we are and that we are not here to do any harm. In fact, the Wiccan Rede is “An’ harm ye none, do what ye will”.

Don’t you worship the Devil? 

—-No. In fact, Pagans typically don’t believe in the Devil. Some choose to be Christian and Pagan, which is fine. Some people may try to stir trouble about it, but most are acceptable about it.

Many people think that Pagans worship the Devil simply because the image of Satan today is slightly familiar to the image Pagans used before Christianity for the Horned God. But we do not worship the Devil.

What about flying on a broom stick?

—-Well my broom is in my closet…I wish I could fly on it, but I can’t. Basically, witches use brooms to cleanse an area. It helps to keep the negative energy away from it. Trust me, if I could fly on it, I would. I wouldn’t have to worry about gas in the car.

When I say brooms, I don’t mean like the kitchen broom that has dust hanging off of it. I mean a straw broom or something similar. But they are not used to fly. Just to cleanse areas.

What’s this three-fold law? 

—-In short, it just means that whatever you do will come back on you three times worse or three times better, depending on what you did.

Anymore questions? Just ask me 🙂


I’ve been told by many people that this book is really good to have. It is called

Grimiore for the Green Witch by Ann Moura

It is about $20 at Hastings. You can also find it on Amazon.

I personally do not suggest Silver Ravenwolf. I paid $5 for her book “Teen Witch” to use as a small guide when I needed more information. After looking in the book, I realized that most of the book is practically pointless spells. Such as “Make a guy fall in love with you” or “Money spell”.

Remember, that what you do will come back on you three-fold. And never do something that is against someone else’s will.

Blessed Be

Hello world!

Hi, my name is Kimberly. I am 18 years old. I am going to be a lawyer after I finish college.

I have a wonderful boyfriend and wonderful friends.

I love to meet people and talk about many different things. It’s kind of a passion of mine.

But I’m also Pagan.

Now, does that make me a devil worshiper? Not at all. I still worship God. It’s just being a witch is using nature to pray.

That’s why I created this blog, was to lead all the misled people into understanding exactly what a witch is.

And no, I am not doing this to convert them. I believe everyone has a right to their own beliefs and those should not change. EVER

I just want people to understand more about this religion. And other religions at that. If people would learn about other religions, there would definitely be less controversy.

So thank you, if you take the time to read this.

By n3rdyg1rl12